Monospace font that supports both English and Japanese

I’m looking for a monospaced font that supports both English and Japanese. All characters should be the same width (since it’s monospace).

I haven’t found anything that works from looking on the internet. Google has created a font called Noto Mono, a monospace version of their font family Noto, which is supposed to support all languages. However, the English and Japanese characters are different widths here too.

Update: Migu 2M is closer, with English letters exactly 50% of Japanese.

Update 2: Here’s a square, monospace, English font that reads well: image


I think something like IBM Plex could be what you are looking for, since it was specifically designed to support globalization and localization:

According to the website for IBM Plex font (which I think is probably a little bit more animated than required):

IBM Plex™ is our new typeface. It’s global, it’s versatile and it’s
distinctly IBM.

And it appears to come in in serif, sans serif, and monospace versions. Just check out the github repo for the font.

Source : Link , Question Author : usernumber , Answer Author : Michael Lai

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