Move a 3D object while keeping its exact 3D orientation in After Effects

This is probably findable on Google, but I don’t know the right terms to search. I have an 3D layer. If I move that 3D layer it will change orientation visually while the values stay the same.

Example (watch the blue arrow):
enter image description here

So how I keep it’s original rotation anywhere on the canvas? Thanks!


What you are essentially asking is how to make the camera orthographic. Unfortunately AfterEffects does not allow you to make true orthographic cameras. However in this case you do not really have to as that is just a 2D pan and you can use pre-composed 3D imagery turned flat as @Alin described.

You can also dispense the camera and rotate the 3d object and view it form the front view. Then just move the object about, no perspective added. Obviously now you need to rotate the object in relation to your scene which is a bit unpractical in many cases.

This gets a bit tricky if you want to reserve the right to rotate the object and camera. What you can do is make a perspective camera with a very very small angle that is very far away. This approximates orthographic cameras very well. So if you make the angle of view 1 degree or even less then the image exhibits very little perspective distortion.

Source : Link , Question Author : Gerlof Leuhof , Answer Author : joojaa

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