Move design from Photoshop to Illustrator for printing

I’m working on some business cards in Photoshop and I come understand it’s not the best medium for print since it’s not vector based like Illustrator.

I want to avoid the edges of my font from coming out “fuzzy” so of course I’m considering moving the design over to Illustrator but, it’s definitely not my strong suite.

Is there anyway I can keep my design as a photoshop file and have it print out “crisp”?


Is there a simple way to move it over in Illustrator and make everything vector based?

Btw: the designs are not graphic intense, more typography and shapes.


You could always try saving your image as a Photoshop EPS, or PDF. this is usually much crisper than a PSD or JPG if placed into an Illustrator file. Unfortunately, you will probably not be able to further edit the type or image.

Source : Link , Question Author : delboud , Answer Author : Paughka

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