Multiple designs in one Photoshop mockup

I’m trying to use this mockup to showcase 3 different designs on 3 boxes. I found this mockup that has 3 boxes and within the PS file you can see it’s broken up into Left box, Right box, Top box. But when I go into the Left box ‘front side’ smart object to add my design, it does it across all front panels. How can I edit just the panels for each box?

I’m sorry for the stupid question, it’s just really bugging me!

Thanksenter image description here


When a smart object is duplicated, it is linked to the original one.
If you want to create a new smart object based on another one without this link, you need to do right click on the layer in the layer panel and choose New smart object via copy.

In your example you already have a smart object linked, so you need to copy it with new smart object via copy and delete (or disable) the one linked. That way it will remain the same but no longer linked to the others.

Source : Link , Question Author : RoWe , Answer Author : Scott

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