Multiple objects spaced evenly around a circle

I have a project where I am taking 6 different images and placing them on a circle. All of the images have duplicates (anywhere between 3 of the same image to 24). In total, I need the circle to have 75 “shapes/images” that are equally spaced out.

I have tried to use the rotate tool and rotate the images 4.8 degrees (360/75=4.8) but I can never seem to get them to line up perfectly even all the way around.

I have also tried making lines as guides that are rotated on the circle to get the 75 points, but they also don’t land evenly.

I am using Illustrator CS5


So you’ve got lots of different shapes that need to loop round in a circle in an arbitrary pattern? (not a circle made of lots of copies of the same shape?)

I’d get all the shapes in a line, space them with the align tools, turn them into an art brush, then apply that to the circle. Steps look like this:

Starting with an assortment of objects, groups, etc…

enter image description here

…first use the Align window to line them up vertically…

enter image description here

…then evenly distribute the space horizontally…

enter image description here

…then select it all and create an art brush (New Brush from menu in Brushes window, tick “Scale proportionally”). Then create a circle and apply that brush to the circle.

enter image description here

Done. Tip: keep the original set of shapes (off the artboard somewhere), so you can change them and re-create the art brush any time it needs adjusting.

Source : Link , Question Author : dobrodrummer , Answer Author : user56reinstatemonica8

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