“Multiplying” a white background gives perfect results! how do I save this image?

This is my original image in a layer… on top of a pattern bg

enter image description here

as you can see, it has a white background. I would love for it to be transparent.

When I change its blending mode to “Multiply” it becomes transparent as you can see in the image below

enter image description here

This transparency is nearly perfect. I cannot reach even 10% of the quality of this white background stripping by any mean, magic eraser, color replacing etc. nothing works like this blending mode.

How can I use the same “technique” to create a saved transparent PNG of my image? without any forced background? This is really my goal here. I’d like to strip it of its white background in the best way possible without working on every pixel for weeks… how do I apply the same “blending” technique that stripped the image of its white background in order to save it transparent?


There’s no solid way to get the same appearance as the multiply blend mode. But you can get exceptionally close with very little effort.

Just Command/Ctrl-click the thumbnail for the Blue Channel in the Channel Panel. (should then see marching ants)

Highlight the layer in the Layer Panel and add a new mask.

Invert the mask

Use Levels or Curves to boost the contrast of the mask.

enter image description here

I find Channels are quite often one of the best and fastest way to create a mask, especially if the area being removed is consistent (like a white background).

Source : Link , Question Author : JasonGenX , Answer Author : Scott

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