My first time designing for printing, but printers won’t give me any advice or specs [closed]

Edit: I am an amateur and it is my first time designing for printing! The printers are very unhelpful unfortunately and won’t help me, but I have already paid the money, so I need to make sure I’ve not made a mistake. I would be very grateful if someone could have a quick glance over my workflow and offer any help/advice.

I am making a DVD sleeve and a booklet:

  • Background images and shapes are prepared in photoshop, CMYK (Profile is U.S.
    Web Coated (SWOP) V2, 300ppi)
  • Logo is prepared in Illustrator, (Profile is Coated FOGRA39)
  • PSD and AI files (background & logo) are placed in InDesign and main body text is added.
  • Barcode PDF is placed in Indesign.
  • Exported as PDF using ‘Press Quality’ preset plus 3mm bleed and crop marks with 3mm offset.
  • Acrobat lists the fonts as being embedded.

  • The booklet is exported in consecutive order with single pages. Page 1 being the front cover, and the last page being the back cover.

Is there anything I should have done differently or any checks I can do to ensure everything is ready for printing? I have attached the sleeve below. Many thanks!

(These are the queries which I have already addressed.)


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