My iPad camera roll says it is using 7.5 gb after all pics have been deleted for weeks

Please help me. I have deleted apps and photos to get memory on my iPad, and it still says I have 0gb left. It has been a couple of weeks. All photos have been deleted from the ‘recently deleted’ album. It says the camera roll is using 7.5gb, when there are no photos. It’s affecting my iPad speed. I’ve tried rebooting my iPad. I can’t install anything, as my memory is used up. It has 16gb, and I think it’s an iPad 2.

Note: I don’t have a Macpro, MacBook, iPhone, iPod, iMac or anything else made by Apple.


Plug your iPad into iTunes and verify that there are no folders of photos from your computer that are being synced onto your iPad, it is possible that although you have deleted all of your photos that you took on your phone (i.e. the ones in the camera roll) you could still be syncing a folder of photos from your computer.

This link from the Apple website should have all the information you need about how to check that if you are unaware.

Source : Link , Question Author : Edward marsh , Answer Author : Nate

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