My Xylophone is off key; Understanding this kerning

I was playing a kerning game where the goal is to see if you can kern a word by eye and then compare your kerning with that of the designer.

I was doing… ok. Until I got to:
enter image description here

I kerned is as such:
enter image description here

Not perfect, but not horrible.

The ‘correct’ kerning was:
enter image description here

A comparison; blue being the ‘correct’ kerning:
enter image description here

I can see that I could have made the ‘Xyl’ tighter, but why is there so much space in the ‘one’? It seems that there’s a gap there.

Even when typing “Xylophone” I see the gap from the kerning.

What’s the reason for this spacing? Why did the designer choose to create these kerning pairs?


Look at the red below:

enter image description here

We do have some good questions on this such as:

The way I would come up with the kerning in this example is to use the given tracking. Example of this here:

enter image description here

Do note that the kerning is subjective in nature and is typically ones opinion. There are several articles on the subject but some would argue the best practice of choosing how to kern is to flip the type:

enter image description here

There is a great article on this called: “how to kern type perfectly

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