Mythology/ancient mobile-design do’s and don’ts?

I am designing a mobile app about Greek mythology and want to make the app feel authentic.

I was wondering when you try to make an app look old (antique…), what are the do’s and don’ts?

How can I make my app look old without resorting to outmoded skeuomorphism in design?


Skeumorphism is “outmoded”, but that does not mean there aren’t situations where it’s not appropriate to use it. If you search for apps and games with a mythological theme, you’ll see that there’s a lot of skeuomorphism going on. But there is plenty of ways to give that feel that don’t necessarily involve it:

  • Typography- find a font that evokes the era you want to portray (just be careful not to go too gimmicky)
  • Color scale – Probably a muted color scale if you want to give a weather look, or colors appropriate to ancient greek culture.
  • Texture – You can use subtle textures without going full on skeuo…
  • Imagery- You could have a completely neutral, flat design and still make it feel like ancient greece through images/illustrations alone.

Source : Link , Question Author : Kevin Amiranoff , Answer Author : spiral

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