Name and possibly a tutorial for this inset rounded rectangle technique

The image

I am speaking about the drop-in effect around the round edges. I like the fact that the actual theme seems to be a bit further back and the border is closer to the viewer.

I can gather that a portion of this must be using an inner shadow with black color. Is this correct? How can I search this? I have spent quite a while now, but my non-existant background in design doesn’t help.

I have access to photoshop but could use other tools if needed


It’s pretty much simply a Bevel & Emboss layer style set to Emboss. An inner shadow helps a little bit. But depending upon your needs, the inner shadow may not be required.

Gradient Overlay
Inner Shadow
Bevel and Emboss

Source : Link , Question Author : Mihalis Bagos , Answer Author : Scott

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