Name of justification style where the rest of verse is aligned differently

Found in poems in this justification style words that didn’t quite make it onto a line but are still part of a logical line (verse) are put below but aligned differently (aligned to the side where the line ends):

This verse line is too long but the last word still   |
                                             belongs. |
Another verse would begin on the left side again.     |

Example of strange justification.

What is this justification style called?


“Right runt,” or “right-aligned runt.”

There is a GREP style to prevent runts in left-aligned paragraphs — – but I’m not aware of any method to insert a right-align tab automatically before a runt, which would create the format you wish.

The general idea would be to replace the “whitespace before the runt” with a right-align tab. Easily done manually, but might be time-consuming if your text is long.

One concern would be whether you have any lines in which more than a single word exceeds your line measure (there’s not one in your sample image, but there could be elsewhere). In that case, the paradigm would be to replace the “first whitespace beyond the line measure” with a right-align tab.

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