Name of web layout made up of full-width sections

Is there a name for the type of web site layout in which

  • the body of the page is divided into horizontal sections;
  • each section is 100% wide but has content of fixed width (that is typically centered);
  • the background of each section is usually different?


I am not looking for templates, just for the name of this kind of layout.

Edit: There does not seem to be a name for it. I will call it “sandwich layout”.


You can’t really apply one label to this style.

  • It is fluid in the sense that it expands and contracts to use the whole viewport.
  • It typically used for vertical designs because it helps to break up the scrolling depth.
  • It is most commonly found on one page sites because it is well suited to a lot of content.
  • And it has certainly been a fashionable approach to site design over the past 18 months. I suspect it will begin to die back before long, at least in those cases where it’s not particularly appropriate.

One Page Love is a good reference for use cases in this style.

Source : Link , Question Author : Steven , Answer Author : plainclothes

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