Need feedback – Can the composition/colors of this design be fixed if something is lacking or is not a better fit?

My boss didn’t find it (images are at bottom) perfect. Although he couldn’t explain it specifically, but he gave an hint about light / color tone / background and sky related problems.

After talking a lot, when I said I don’t notice any specific differences with the past works, he said he also can be wrong (since he is not an art director or designer). It put me into doubt whether I really created something bad or it is just my boss’s misunderstanding.

Since there’s no senior designer in our startup, I really couldn’t help myself asking it here, just to get a feedback.

Here’s the edited photo & reference that is under question:

enter image description here
enter image description here

Here are 3 recent works that were improved:

enter image description here
enter image description here
enter image description here

So, given all that, what do you think about it?

Note: We use 3 colors for sketched characters: Purple, Orange and Green (You will notice them in designs).

EDIT: By these works, we just convey a message similar to: Wherever you are, there’s someone to connect with you and become friend. But my question is more about visibility, not the message here.


I simply feel you’ve got a couple proportions incorrect.

  • You’ve “fattened” his head making it seem too large
  • You’ve rounded his left jawline, weakening the typical “male squared-off” jaw.
  • You’ve also “fattened” his right hand and forearm, making it seem like a “sausage”

So, you’ve essentially made him more feminine and fat.

These items all lend to the perception that something isn’t “quite right” without being glaring “errors”. It’s more a facial recognition thing with humans, that’s all.

Redlines indicate the photo edges, which are well within where you have those edges drawn. Art overlaying photo at 50% and scaled to match size.

enter image description here

Because you are actually tracing a photo, physical size of the models is fine and realistic. It is merely that you’ve erred slightly with some body size issues on the male.

The biggest issue is the change of the male head shape. That immediately alters the instant perception of the image. In general, men have more square jaw lines, women have more pointed jawlines. You’ve given him a much more pointed jaw weakening the whole “male” aspect overall. And due to the rounding of the jaw made him seem ~20 years younger which makes the “couple” aspect fail slightly – the art seems more like a mother and child – rounder jaws in men ca be an indicator of age at times. Children often have rounder head shapes and they become more gender-defined as people age. It is often helpful to be aware of these types of “perception guides” when creating figures.

Source : Link , Question Author : Vikas , Answer Author : Scott

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