Need recommendations for finding colors to combine with existing ones

I have a darkish blue color #3c5c7c. I need a medium blue color to go with it.

I know there are tools like that can show me shades/tints of a selected color. But what I want is to select another blue color that offers some contrast to #3c5c7c but also “looks” like the two colors go well together.

For example, I found #62A3E4 is one such color. How do I find other (blue) colors? As another example, #0000ff doesn’t appear to go well with #3c5c7c, or am I wrong?

What tools are available that allow me to view those blues that go well with #3c5c7c?

I see there’s, but it just shows different shades/tints of one color that you enter. When you move the little circles around, the other colors are not blue (they’re immediately green or purple). For example, I wouldn’t see how I could get #62A3E4 from that website.

How does one explore the blue color space and know which blues “go with” with other blues?


I think I know the right tool for you:

Click the search icon (top center), paste your hex code. Pltts will recommend some cool color palettes based on hex you provide.

Source : Link , Question Author : ggkmath , Answer Author : Jakub Kośla

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