Need To Do a Contour Design in Illustrator

I need to find a tutorial (or just be pointed in the right direction) into learning how to make a design in Illustrator that is contoured. I’m basically trying to make a design for a cup. Here’s the template I’ve been given:


I’ve got images and text that I want to put on it but it would appear that I need to curve the images to make it work on this template. What is it that I need to learn? I’m not very familiar with this kind of design and just need to read up on it. Thanks.


You’ll want to create artwork in a rectangle which matches the entire width as if it were flat. You also must have a rectangle drawn in the background. It can have a fill of none or white, but you really want the rectangle there.

Then follow the steps in the image below.

enter image description here

A better showing of how the template grid matched the envelope:
enter image description here

Source : Link , Question Author : MxmastaMills , Answer Author : Scott

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