Nesting Photoshop Smart Objects without losing the “link” between them?

I have created a text layer, converted it to a Smart Object, and duplicated the Smart Object twice. I then applied Stroke blending option to both copies and set their Fill to zero:


At this point, if I edit the text in one Smart Object, the change also applies to the other two – which is fantastic:


Now I want to apply Emboss and Drop Shadow to the stroke, so I convert the layer on the right to Smart Object and apply the effects. Note that it’s now a Smart Object inside a Smart Object.

But, if I now edit the text layer, the change doesn’t propagate to the nested Smart Object anymore. There are now two text layers which can be edited independently:


Can I somehow create nested Smart Objects while sharing the content inside the deepest object with other objects, so that my text editing propagates to all objects regardless of how deeply I wrapped them into other Smart Objects?


2018 update: To get linked smart objects in Photoshop CC, you have to cases:

  • Already created objects:
    1. convert it;

enter image description here

  1. relink it;

enter image description here

(you may set a hot key to faster these actions)

  • Stored file to make it Smart and Linked object at once. Click Place linked. With this command you may upload a pile of files at once.

enter image description here

Uptodate Photoshop updates links at the fly.

Source : Link , Question Author : RomanSt , Answer Author : Alexey Nikonov

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