newbie illustrator question : how to create a cut in a shape?

Below is 2 letters where one goes across the other (the O) and can see the small white space between the two.

How can i do this in illustrator, creating the cut shape so i get the white line ? i want to do the same with 2 other types of font but no clue how i do it 🙁

hope you can help

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You’ll be wanting to use Offset Path here.

  • Type out your characters;
  • Choose Type > Create Outlines to convert them into a group of actual objects;
  • Ungroup the group, or double-click it with the Move tool (V) to edit it in isolation mode;
  • Select the ‘O’;
  • Choose Oject > Path > Offset Path...;
  • This option will create a second instance of the path, which is larger or smaller than the original; the value you enter is how much bigger (or small, if you choose a negative value) the new shape will be. For now, choose a positive value;
  • Click OK;
  • Select both the new shape and the ‘L’. Be warned that by default, when you come out of Offset Path, both the offset shape and its original are selected;
  • In the Pathfinder palette, choose Minus front (the second icon on the first row) or Minus back (the very last icon on the lower row), depending on how your shapes are stacked. If you fail with one option, just Undo and try the other.

This will clip the ‘L’ shape with the enlarged ‘O’ shape.

Source : Link , Question Author : logrvn , Answer Author : Vincent

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