Noise filter effect with transparency

Is it possible to have a noise filtered effect similar to below, but have the white parts transparent?


My idea is to use this as a CSS background image overlay .png which would allow background colours to show through.


There is a method that pretty much allows you to do this without thinking at all:

In photoshop:

  1. IF necessary, Ctrl+L and bring the upper white arrow to the center enough, so that you will get white background ( Also, you might want to bring the top black arrow towards the center to make the black colors black ) ( This step is not necessary in this case ).
  2. Select the Brush tool.
  3. From the top menu: Edit > Define brush preset ( Since the Brush tool was selected ), the created brush will straight away be selected.
  4. Create a new document Ctr+N without the background color ( make it bigger than the original image, so you don’t have to aim much ).
  5. Click D ( to default the foreground color to black ).
  6. Click once in the document to place the image in the brush.
  7. From the top menu: Image > Trim > Base on: Transparent pixels

It may seem like this has big amount of steps, but you can do this very, very fast.

Source : Link , Question Author : james6848 , Answer Author : Joonas

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