Non-existing URLs redirect to “searchguide – level 3” in Safari

I typed a URL in Safari to check whether a domain name had been registered or not, and was redirected to this page:

enter image description here

(here I made the test with ““, a random string of letters and a domain I believe no one owns).

The URL I was redirected to is:

I couldn’t find much recent information about this website, and I definitely never gave my computer access to this service knowingly.

I can see that the home page has a “settings” link:

enter image description here

I do not want this service to be present in my computer at all, even with “off” settings, so this aren’t what I’m looking for.

How can I make Safari display the regular “the address couldn’t be found” text page, and get rid of this nasty “level 3”?


One reason could be that you are using Level3’s DNS servers ( through which will redirect you to their search engine for any unknown domain name.

Change it back or choose one of Google’s public DNS server, for example

Found this answer here

Source : Link , Question Author : MicroMachine , Answer Author : tidbeck

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