Numbering tables with Chapter numbers

From what I understand, “chapter” variables increment only when used with multi-document and .indb files. If you work with a single document, it stays at “1”.

What is the best solution to automatically increment Tables and Figures numbering following below structure?

Chapter 1

Table 1-1 (^1-^#)
Figure 1-1
Figure 1-2

Chapter 2

Table 2-1
Figure 2-1

My workaround is to use the Chapter list style and to apply unused levels (like 4 or 5) but it doesn’t work when there is two different items (ie. Tables AND figures). They cannot have the same level



  • level: 1
  • ^#


  • level: 2
  • ^1-^#
  • restart numbers at this level after: Any Previous level


  • level: 3
  • ^1-^#
  • “And the trick iiiiis:” restart numbers at this level after: 1

enter image description here

Would that work as you wish?

Source : Link , Question Author : supershivas , Answer Author : Vinny

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