Offline billing software for freelancers

The billing/invoicing/time-tracking software I use, iBiz, is no longer being supported by its manufacturer. I am a freelancer, so I need software which allows me to:

  • Track time on jobs
  • Track tasks on jobs
  • Automatically fill in a rate for a task (not all tasks are the same
    hourly rate)
  • Add notes about a job
  • Put in flat-rate items
  • Organize clients, preferably by allowing me to have more than one
    point of contact in a company
  • Generate invoices
  • Record payments and log them against invoices
  • Customize the invoices with a logo
  • Generate earnings reports for tax season

Cost is not an enormous issue, although I’d rather not spend several thousand dollars.

I do not want something online or cloud-based. I want something I can buy, once, and download, once, and which works offline. I do not want to pay a subscription fee. I do not want something which is a web app, because if the company disappears, so do all my records.

What are your suggestions? What experience have you had with the software, and why would you recommend for/against it?

I am in the U.S. working on a Mac, so the software must be Mac-compatible.


Pancake is not subscription based, once you buy it, it’s yours. You do need to install it in your (or a) server, like a regular website, but you don’t really require programming (as mentioned in another answer), just some online space. You can also create a local server – which would need some reading and implementation, but it’s not terribly complicated if you follow the instructions.

Good thing is, you can regularly back-up and download your information, and only you have access to your data, not some third party. But I haven’t used it, so I don’t bet my life on it 🙂

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