On which occasions would you use italics in web design?

In which occasions you would like to use italics in web design? Because the use of bold fonts is quite obvious not sure about italics.


From a technical standpoint, you should use italics whenever writing titles of books or films. Things like that.

Italics are used for emphasis. When you want to draw attention to a word. Which is similar to bold, but italics doesn’t seem to “jump out” as much. You should never italics a whole paragraph or other huge chunk of text. But you can use it as part of a layout. You could italicize your title, for instance.

Creatively, there’s a lot of directions you could go in, in my opinion. But, don’t overuse it either.

Here are some resources on topics for italics:



All in all, it’s a personal aesthetic decision. If it looks good, keep it. If it doesn’t, kill it.

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