Open Photoshop Smart Object in Illustrator instead of Photoshop

When I go Create New Layer => Convert to Smart Object => Double click on Smart Object thumbnail it opens in Photoshop as a .psb, but I would like it to open in Illustrator. How do I get all my Photoshop smart objects to open in Illustrator? I’m using PS & AI CC.

The Adobe docs just say you can open in either of them. The docs aren’t clear how to choose set one or the other.


You can not. The Smart object opens in the application which created it. Smart Objects are true to their originating application.

If the smart object was originally created in Photoshop, there is no way to tell it to open in Illustrator, and vice versa.

The Adobe documentation simply means the Smart Object will open in whatever app is appropriate, not that you can choose which app it opens in. The embedded information knows which application created the original artwork and will always revert to that application to edit the artwork.

Source : Link , Question Author : evan , Answer Author : Scott

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