Open Source software for 2D graphic animation like this:

Can someone suggest me a good software of graphic 2D animation, for animating images, and also a software for insert some more or less static text during a video?
I’ll post an example of my animation what should looks like, it start at 1:05 minutes in the video; while the text is for example the name of the people who are speaking 🙂

Thank you


Open source

  • NodeBox
  • Processing
  • Your browser (serioulsy, you can do this with css and javascript easily)
  • Blender (2d is just a subset of 3D)

a NodeBox3 Example

A simple example of using NodeBox to make text appear, I had not used NodeBox 3 before so it took me 15-20 minutes to get up to speed (tough i have used shake and nuke which are very similar). Its a good alternative if you abhor code, but still needs some polish.

NodeBox animation

Image 1: Simple example animation made with nodebox3.

NodeBox graph

Image 2: The NodeBox3 graph.

Closed source (order of applicability)

Source : Link , Question Author : Trink , Answer Author : Community

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