Outline consecutive numbers up to 132 to be used as stickers

I had a project where I had to design numbers only consisting of a stroke for some cabinets starting from 001 to 132. I would like to know the easiest way to generate these numbers instead of typing them manually. I have attached:

  • a picture of the numbers from 001 to 100 since Illustrator allows maximum 100 artboards
  • the final print-ready PDF where the outline/contour is visible
  • a simulation of the cabinet with the foil number stuck on to it

My main questions are:

  • how to do the cut contour line the easiest way? Expand? Outline? Spot colour method?
  • is it better to use a script in Photoshop to generate the numbers or maybe the Data Merge function in InDesign?

enter image description here


Here’s a super-fast workaround:
Use Indesign, place “current page number” in your Master page…
Open page 1 “Numbering & Section Options”, then select style 001,002,003…
Finally, in the page panel, Insert 131 pages.

Source : Link , Question Author : Anne Mette Stage Olsen , Answer Author : Vinny

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