Overlapping images – how to slice in photoshop CS5

I got pretty simple example of site layout (link below), and i need to slice it.
The problem is, when i have 2 images, or image and title overlapping, and when i try to make slices of both, i get one of the images cut into 3 or more parts. Which is not good. Is there a way to make slices overlap? So i get each image in one part?

image of some simple, overlapping layout


Slicing is pretty unnecessary in most cases since browsers support Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).

CSS allows you to specify and image as a background for an html element. This is far more efficient than sling up some image and then placing pieces in various table cells or block elements to reconstruct them.

CSS also allows you to very easily overlay live text over background images.

Unless there is some mandatory reason you must slice an image, I wouldn’t.

Source : Link , Question Author : Kedor , Answer Author : Scott

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