Packaging design printing in small numbers?

Packaging design printing in small numbers?

I’m designing some small 4″x4″x4″ packages for a class project and I only need a few boxes (probably 5 total). I’ve checked dozens of printing sites, but the minimum order size is around 100-1000 boxes and usually costs a ton. With that being said, I already have my overall design finished, it’s just a matter of printing it onto some boxes.

Would it be better to just do the entire process myself by hand? And if so how would I go about that?


Do a mock up… Construct the box!

The size is quite small so you are fine. There are some copy stores where you can print a Tabloid size paper. Try to use the thickest paper possible.

You can also print on adhesive paper and paste into a thicker paper, but the print could crack on the folds.

A comment. I am scared by the idea that designers do not use crafts anymore. Find joy in using a ruler, a cutter and put some glue in your fingers!

The box itself can and should be designed

There is so much potential in creating a real 3D structure, there are sooooooo many posibilities! Doing a real deal 3D cardboard object can be an epifany for you on your creative process:

Oh my… Explore materials! They do not fit into the laser printer? Print them in a small shop in silk print or use a decal, but explore! Transparent acetate, a led light, metalic paper, recicled paper… wood, paint mixed with marble dust!

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