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I’m trying to print my very first book. It’s a simple thing, printed on my desktop printer, double sided on 1 * A4 sheet of paper.

I will fold it down and bind it myself (using saddle stitch) as a simple little A6 book.

I’ve never done desktop publishing before, so I don’t even know the terminology to use here, but can anyone point me in the direction of a tutorial or something that can show me how to set up Scribus (or maybe recommend other software I should use?) to do this kind of layout?

The A4 page will be folded and cut horizontally, then folded again vertically to form the A6 book, and all the parts of the page need to align in the final book (what’s this kind of layout even called?).


Per my comment:

Firstly lay out your pages individually at A6 size.
Then choose your impositioning strategy depending on the sophistication of your printer driver/software and/or follow the advice given on the Scribus Wiki.

Source : Link , Question Author : Lucien Stals , Answer Author : Community

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