Went to High Sierra via clean install instead of upgrade by wiping “Macintosh HD”. Old boot camp now is unable to “locate the macOS boot volume”

It’s actually just a minor inconvenience because I can reboot and hold down Option to get back into High Sierra. I’m mainly hoping to find out if there is a way to “update” this existing boot camp installation so that it can find the new macOS volume again. That way I won’t want to try … Read more

How to change the Equaliser settings of each and every song in my iTunes library all at once?

I recently discovered that iTunes has support for Equaliser, but these option/setting is available if and only you click on the get album info button and set the Equaliser in the next window according to your needs, but this option is available if and only you click on a particular song, I mean you have … Read more

How to set the Screenshot directory with Jamf?

I’m using Jamf to configure my companies MacBooks and just recently got the request from Management, that every screenshot taken should be placed in a special Directory. For now, the only thing I found is this: https://www.maceinsteiger.de/how-to/screenshot-unter-mac-os/ It states that: defaults write com.apple.Screencapture location /Users/benutzername; killAll SystemUIServer can be used to set the screenshot directory. … Read more