Pairing the “Learning Curve” font

I’m trying to find a good pairing for the Learning Curve font, to use in a website. This particular font is used in the client’s logo.

I must convey a stylish and elegant mood, and I’ve tried to pair it with Josefin Sans:

enter image description here

Is my choice a good one? Is this pairing right to convey the mood that I described? Can it be improved in some way?


Disclaimer: I am not a fan of ‘school’ handwritings, so my negative opinion on Learning Curve may sound through in this post.

Let’s start out with the observation that Learning Curve is not a very elegant typeface. To me, it very much evokes a schoolclass feel: it’s the script I (and lots of my generation) were taught to write in. That means that we have to have the second typeface be unambiguously elegant and stylish. Also, it needs to be easy on the eyes and attract little attention, as Learning Curve already is very busy, taking up mindspace.

In order to still get a stylish and elegant vibe off of this, my first impulse would be to choose a typeface as elegant and stylish as possible for a body text: a classic serif. That said, shy away from defaults like Times New Roman. (Shy away from Times New Roman, period, but that’s another story.) Options would be Palatino, Garamond or even Georgia.

I’m rather surprised by your choice for a geometric sans: although those are Art-Deco and Bauhaus, they aren’t the greatest typefaces for body text. There are exceptions, but usually they are too busy and ‘present’ to function as body type. My rule of thumb is to always use a classic serif or a subdued sans as body font. They are legible, clear, and relatively invisible.

Source : Link , Question Author : Sekhemty , Answer Author : Vincent

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