Paper format of Springer LNCS

I found the paper format of Lecture Notes in Computer Science proceedings issued by Springer very nice. I tried to find out what is it, but I wasn’t able to find it in Wiki list of paper sizes. The book size is 236mm x 155mm (9.3in x 6.1in) after binding. I think it’s 236mm x 157mm (9.3in x 6.2in) before binding since that would make a 3:2 ratio.

I would like to know whether this paper size is recognized under any name/code.

(I basically ask because I wouldn’t like to use a fairly non-standard paper size. However, part of me is quite curious about it as well.)


There is what’s known as a standard printing size. However, some printers offer clients with alternative sizes that would increase the selection and demand. Paper generally comes on a huge roll and is printed then trimmed to size:

enter image description here

The book you are curious about has a 6.69in x 9.61in trim size on white Matte 66gsm/45lb. paper

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