Path with rounded corners in inkscape

I am trying to use Inkscape to draw a path consisting of line segments, where the corners are rounded, like the bold black arrows in this image. I tried the Bezier tool, but couldn’t achieve the desired effect. Any advice?

enter image description here


In Inkscape (Version 0.92), select the Bezier Tool and put it in BSpline Path mode

BSpline Path Mode

Hold down CTRL as you use the tool. This will help you constrain the paths to straight horizontal/vertical/diagonal lines.

This is where you need to place your nodes. You need three nodes like this for each corner.

Node placement example

The Bezier tool will make the curves you need automatically when in BSpline Path mode.



Update June 2020: Since Inkscape 1.0 has now been released, curved corners are available as a path effect called Corners (Fillet/Chamfer)

Source : Link , Question Author : user2065942 , Answer Author : Billy Kerr

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