Pattern brush scale menu greyed out

So I’m pretty noobish when it comes to Illustrator, but I can’t tell what I’m doing wrong here. I’ve got this pattern brush on a path, and the path has some Width Points set on it, but I can’t select Width Points as the source for the scale of the brush.

Menu items greyed out

Every menu item is greyed out, which okay, I don’t have a tablet plugged in so I get why I can’t use pressure etc. but I don’t understand why it won’t let me use Width Points.

(This is CS6, btw).


Width/Profile gets automatically set when you use the Width Tool on the Brush Path. It’s not a setting you can alter by default.

Change the profile of your brush path, then Width/Profile will be available. It’s basically there as a “reset to the profile” option. Without a profile, there’s nothing to reset to.

Source : Link , Question Author : Morgan Harris , Answer Author : Scott

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