PDF prints don’t look the same as the on the computer

I’ve created some images in Illustrator (simple portraits to be exact). I have been using the “Save As” option to save PDF Versions to email to my boss for the past few weeks.

Here is my problem: Now that I have begun printing, the prints have glitches all over them. Some of the shapes and paths are not filled all the way in and have white spaces, and in some spots I can see the bottom layers coming through the top layers.

For example, the white of the eyes may show up on the eye-lid, even though the eye-lid is on TOP. I’m not understanding why the PDF files look so great on the computer screen, but my prints look so screwed-up.


Have you tried to save the PDF without keeping the layers, and uncheck “Keep illustrator compatibility”? These settings are found when you go into “Save as…”.

If this doesn’t work – save it directly as an image (jpeg with high quality). Of course you will loose the vector advantages – but the layers won’t be visible in print.

Source : Link , Question Author : The Queen , Answer Author : Henrik Ekblom

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