Permanent Marker Brushes for Photoshop

I’m looking for a way to simulate a permanent marker in Photoshop. All I have been able to find are pre-drawn brush strokes of circles, strokes etc. (Permanent Brush), but not a permanent marker brush tip which would allow me to draw/write whatever I want.

Can anyone recommend PS brushes for this purpose? I don’t mind paying for them, so it doesn’t have to be a free Brush set.


The typical look of permanent markers comes from the change in pressure, fading, streaks and bleed (from turns and slower streaks). This is hard to recreate in an authentic way and often simply done on paper and then scanned. Pages full of different strokes and attempts are not uncommon and actually not that time-consuming.

My guess is you want to have a reliable reproducable style? Maybe starting a brush library on your own will solve that better than any photoshop brush can.

The only “automated” way I can think of is actually making one in Illustrator as a path style with defined ends. But that gets repetitive too.

Source : Link , Question Author : n.evermind , Answer Author : KMSTR

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