Photo Delete from PC but not from iphone

What if I want to upload 10 photos to iPhone from PC, without using the internet. I don’t want to keep the photos on the PC and want to maintain only one copy at the mobile. How do I do that?

1) Since it’s not mac I don’t think I can use the airdrop
2) Syncing via iTunes will remove pics from mobile as soon as I clear them from PC, so what’s the solution??

Is there any way to “unsync” the photos I have synced via iTunes. Since there are 10-20 photos from different dates, making a duplicate is too tedious, that too, when I have to go in Photos collection and search for them.


If you have an iCloud account and have My Photo Stream enabled they should sync right to your iCloud.

Source : Link , Question Author : Priyank Pathak , Answer Author : Kritika Riyang

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