Photorealism critique?

Ignoring the background does this look photorealistic?

This is my first time modeling in Blender, but please be as harsh as you need to be.

Besides the photorealism any other critisim is highly encouraged.

I’m aware of but critiques are not welcome there.

Thank you!

I should mention this is a polished anvil. Apparently people polish the top.

enter image description here

Here’s two of the reference photos below. I can’t upload all the reference photos I used.

enter image description here


It’s photorealistic, but who has scratched its work surfaces full of grooves? Normally anvils are used as hammering platforms. It can have gentle pits, shiny areas(Note1) and roundings at the edges, but deep scratches? How they are made by a blacksmith?

Note1: I have brought an old anvil. The blacksmith tried to sell it. He succeeded. The anvil was cleaned. The top surface of its nose and rounded edges were like polished chrome.

Source : Link , Question Author : LateralTerminal , Answer Author : user287001

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