Photorealistic Graphic design

I am working on an illustration for a client who needs it to be very photorealistic. I used illustrator to get as close to his expectation as possible but its not quite there yet.
Can anyone help me with any notes or recommendations on software and/or tools to use to achieve this?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

This is what I came up with:
enter image description here

This is what the client needs it to be like:
enter image description here


The example result is probably done using cad or 3d software, but the primary difference is lighting effects. The quickest way to modify the original to mimic some of this might be:

  • spread the layers vertically to give more separation
  • for each layer, add some solid shading layers consisting of black silhouettes of the section you want shaded, with a low opacity. Highlights can be achieved as well using white, low opacity, and possibly a “lighten” blend mode.
  • add drop shadows. One could use a layer blending mode or one can duplicate the layer, silhouette it as black, add a strong blur, and a low opacity and then move this layer downwards to look like it is a shadow on the layer below it. This would probably require a clipping path to prevent the shadow bleeding onto the background.

Source : Link , Question Author : Yash Mistry , Answer Author : Yorik

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