Photoshop action to combine multiple photos

I’m trying to recreate this:

image grid

I know it could be easily done manually, but I’m wondering if anyone has come across a tutorial or knows how to create this automatically with actions in Photoshop?

I want to be able to select a number of photos and be able to create something similar automatically. If anyone knows anyway to accomplish this efficiently with any software I’d really like to know.


If no Action Script is made available to you. I think it may be more efficient, personally, to use InDesign for any layout work as it offers better tools for layout than photoshop does.

You could easily build a template layout of empty frames (frame tool) that matches the above layout orientation (or any layout). Then bulk place the photos you would like to use into the empty frames. I have used this to make templates for photographers in wedding photography.

This option would not work well˚ unless you are dealing with a set number of photos (like the 8 above).

˚A variable number of photos (think Pinterest site/app…) may work if you use a little gem of mathematics – Pythagorean Tiling (similarly Tessellation).

Source : Link , Question Author : Ben Aaron , Answer Author : user51113

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