Photoshop actions: saving with custom addition

I have searched far and wide for this, and cannot figure it out. I create and run an action, but I want the action to save the image with the original name + two custom letters.
Original image is called IMG_3232.jpg
I want the after-action (resize) image called IMG_3232aW.jpg

So of course the whole idea of creating an action is to run this on lots of images, and they all should get the “IMG_xxxxaW.jpg marker.

Any pointers much appreciated.

Displaying my ignorance: it seems to me it will not accept aW as addition to unique file name. It seems to insist I add a running, unique addition – which is what I do not want.

enter image description here


In Photoshop go to File → Automate → Batch and you can select the action to use and the file naming of the output files

Batch window

Source : Link , Question Author : benteh , Answer Author : JohnB

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