Photoshop: align transform box with an selection area

In Photoshop, if I have an existing rectangular selection area that is at an angle, can I align the transform box to its sides? I tried “Transform selection” but it transforms the selection along with the transform box.

EDIT (based on replies) I’m not asking Photoshop to remember any transforms, nor deal with complex shapes. I just want the user to be able to rotate the transform box with respect to the selection outline, if desired. It is the user (not Photoshop) that would set the desired angle. Some transforms work better at an angle.



That is not possible.

Selections in Photoshop are raster, not vector. When you make a selection, Photoshop creates a grayscale image it uses as a mask.

So a rectangular selection like this:

is stored as a grayscale mask like this:

When you rotate the selection like this:

the mask will look like this:

As you see it’s just some pixels. Photoshop doesn’t remember how they were made originally, so it can’t set the transform box to follow the sides of the rotated selection.

Imagine a much more complex selection like this:

How should Photoshop be able to guess how to make the transform box align with this?

Perhaps you should look into using Smart Objects.

When you turn one or more layers into a Smart Object, the original pixels will be unaltered inside the Smart object and all transformations will be done according to the starting point.

Source : Link , Question Author : MrSparkly , Answer Author : Wolff

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