Photoshop: Bend Anchor Points Around A Circle

I want to bend some text around a circle. I can just write the text on a path, but I want to keep the side that’s not ON the path in a straight line.

For example, look at these chalk letterings.

The top of this one is a straight line, the bottom is curved:

Mixed Dough

And on this one, the top is curved, and the bottom is straight:

Work Hard

Here is my text, including the anchor points:

enter image description here

I want to pull the lower half of the anchor points down around a path (say, a curve for example), like the pics above.

How do I achieve this affect?


Highlight the vector/shape layer and choose Edit > Transform Path > Warp. Then move the handles you see on the shape.

Source : Link , Question Author : Joshua Soileau , Answer Author : Scott

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