Photoshop Brush Problems [duplicate]

I started using Photoshop to create digital drawings. Whenever I try to draw with the brush, it comes out blurry and pixelated. When I zoom in, I can see the pixels that made up the brush stroke. I tried using different brushes (Photoshop default brushes and user created) but they all have a blurry look. I put the hardness to 100% but it still looks blurry. I tried using different canvas sizes, but that doesn’t fix the problem. How do I fix this to create smooth brush strokes (without pen tool)?

Example of a blurry/pixelated brush stroke whenever the brush is used

(Zoomed in) Pixels that make up the brush stroke

Brush with spacing 1% and resolution at 200 (still pixelated)


what is your image size ? If the resolution is set to 72 it will display pixelated, depending on what monitor you have too.

For 2019 I recommend setting the image resolution to 144 which is HD quality.

Also in your Brush Settings you might have the brush set on higher spacing. You could lower it down and have a way smoother outcome

enter image description here

Source : Link , Question Author : DigitalDraw , Answer Author : Alex Satriani

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