Photoshop CC: Text and shape layers with same opacity, fill, blending and color render with different brightness [closed]

Anyone knows why two different layers (a shape and a text) with the same opacity (54%), fill (100%), blending (normal) and color (#000) render with different brightness?

See following example:


The corresponding PSD file can be download here:

I have noticed that it is actually the text layer which renders wrong – so when grouping the text layer and setting the opacity of the the group to 54% it renders correctly.

May it just be a bug or do I miss something here?


I was finally able to file a bug report at – so if you have the same problem feel free to vote it up:

Let’s see what Adobe says…


As already mentioned in the comments Chris Cox from Adobe replied:

Not a bug – it’s because text is blended using a different gamma in order to make the antialiasing look better.
You can disable that in the color settings.

So to “fix” this issue:

  • Open “Color Settings” Dialog
  • Uncheck “Blend Text Colors Using Gamma” Checkbox (Sorry, screenshot only available in german)

enter image description here

See comment from @ACEkin for an english translation. English screenshot from @ACEkin below:

english screenshot


This has me really stumped!

After checking your PSD I decided to run some tests in a new document and I’m getting exactly the same results. Even after closing Photoshop, restarting and starting fresh.. I get the same results again.

I was sure this has never happened before but even opening old PSDs I get the exact same result, so unless your PSD has somehow affected Photoshop then I’m guessing this is a bug.

The problem seems to be with text layers as rasterizing the text layer gives the same color output as the shape layer. I tested with a number of colors and fonts, so the issue isn’t color or font specific. Here is a test example with 1. A shape layer and text layer at 100% opacity, 2. A shape layer and text layer at 50% opacity and 3. A shape layer and a rasterized text layer at 50% opacity. All layers are the exact same color and the third example is exactly the same as the second, all i did was rasterize the layer, nothing else:

enter image description here

If this is a bug i’m surprised that I’ve never noticed and as far as I can find, nobody else has.


After further testing, it seems the issue only occurs in RGB documents. The issue doesn’t occur in CMYK, Lab Colour or Greyscale documents.

I also tested a number of RGB color profiles and all the profiles I tested reproduced the issue, although to varying degrees. The default sRGB profile was the least affected out of the random selection of profiles I tested.

Source : Link , Question Author : conceptdeluxe , Answer Author : Cai

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