Photoshop colour picker with only colours within the printable gamut?

Something bemusing me: I’ve been using photoshop for ten years now (admittedly much more in RGB than CMYK), and today a brand new never-before-seen problem presented itself to me.

I’m working in CMYK, grabbing colours from the colour picker, but I can’t get a bright enough green for my liking. It turns out the document keeps “correcting” my bright, popping greens into these sludge-toned filth-swatches in the name of keeping within the printable gamut.

I have no qualms with respecting the limits of an ink cartridge’s capabilities, but is there a way to tell colour picker to only show me the options I have? Frankly, I thought that’s what part of working in CMYK was for. Now I’m having to randomly choose shades of green hoping the printable gamut won’t have beef with them. So far no luck.

Any help appreciated. I’m using CC 2015.


Go to View > Gamut Warning (or hit Command-Shift-Y) to turn on the Gamut Warning feature. This will ‘grey out’ colours that are not available in the current gamut. Command-Shift-Y will also toggle this on/off while in the colour picker.

Photoshop CMYK color picker

You can change the colour and opacity of the greying out effect in Photoshop > Preferences > Transparency & Gamut...

Source : Link , Question Author : Wilf , Answer Author : JohnB

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