Photoshop CS5 Polygon Tool smooth corners “too smooth”

I’m trying to create an 8-sided shape with the polygon tool. This is not a problem, but if I want smooth corners for my shape and I check the option “smooth corners” its too smooth – its basical a circle.

Is there an “smoothness” option which I have to adjust?


Here’s a simple workaround.

1) Create your polygon

2) Select it, and create a layer mask

3) Select the layer mask and smooth it.

4) Adjust the layer mask to include the smooth.

This way you maintain the actual polygon, you just mask the corners to make it seem rounded. This way is easily adjustable by further smoothing the mask or erasing the mask.

My result:

enter image description here

Source : Link , Question Author : Christian Strang , Answer Author : Hanna

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