Photoshop CS6 – Animate / Keyframe Smart Filter

I’ve applied the ‘Oil Paint’ Smart Filter to a layer in Photoshop CS6. I’d like to animate the filter’s ‘Angular Direction’ from 0 to 360 degrees but I the keyframes in the “Style” lane of the Timeline don’t seem to work for this.

Is there a quick way to achieve this effect? I have limited knowledge of scripting / batch actions in Photoshop, would that be a route worth investigating to achieve this effect?


I suggest you do this in After Effects instead.

Photoshop may have animated features to make GIFs but it is not an animation program. Adobe’s After Effects is what you want to use and you’ll find that ANY effect you are trying to animate in Photoshop will not only take less of your time but will look, um… infinitely better in the end. Good luck.

Source : Link , Question Author : lil earth , Answer Author : Yisela

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