Photoshop CS6 Colour display issue

I’ve had this issue with Photoshop where some dark blues are displayed in black on Photoshop if I’m in RGB mode and selecting dedicated graphics in the performance preferences. If I don’t select dedicated graphics or change to CMYK the issue gets fixed although I would like to be able to work in RGB mode and have the dedicated graphics on. What can I do?


You may want to read the Q&A in this link I just found. From that page:

Looks like a problem with your display calibration. It could be the
display profile, or it could be a bug in your video card driver (the
shaders used to perform color correction).

Try setting the Photoshop GPU mode to “Basic”, then relaunching
Photoshop. If that solves it, then the cause was the shaders (and a
bug in the driver). If that doesn’t solve it, then the problem is
most likely your display profile.

Source : Link , Question Author : ashkanpolar , Answer Author : Yisela

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