Photoshop CS6 Resize Rectangle with Rounded Corners

This question is about Photoshop CS6. Hopefully the feature was added in this version. Before posting I looked up Google and this and that but didn’t find an answer for CS6.

So the question is: Is there a feature within CS6 or a script that allows to resize a vector element with rounded corners without using the Direct Selection Tool (white arrow tool) and not changing the border radius? What would be great would be something like simply using the transform tool or something like a grid resize tool.


The simple answer is: No.

I have asked Adobe to add the feature. If you’d like to see it, please vote here:

Photoshop: It would be good if the roundrect vector tool corner radius was editable during and after drawing

And now some good news. David Jensen has written a nice little script to help. It’s not perfect (doesn’t handle multiple shapes on the one layer), but it does the trick in many situtions.

The script allows you to transform shapes (distorting them), then you can reapply the corners. You will need to remember the radius you used though.

enter image description here

Rounded Rectangle Radius Resizer

The screenshot shows Windows, but the script also works on the Mac version of Photoshop.

Source : Link , Question Author : iDev247 , Answer Author : Community

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